Start Your Salon Off on The Right Foot in 2011

It’s always important for businesses to start fresh and positive in the New Year.  So I thought it would be great to get some insight on how to start 2011 off strong from the owner of a very successful salon in New Hope, PA.

   Christina Cavalcanti (partner) and Matt Beck, owner of Salon Gratitude not only runs an amazing salon but Matt is also a Senior National Educator for Paul Mitchell Systems. I asked them to provide some useful tips on how to start off the New Year successfully and they passed along some really good advice.  Check out what they had to say below:

(Matt Beck) -As salon owners, each year we evaluate both our struggles and successes before moving forward to the New Year. Here are a few tips to kick off 2011 on the right foot. First, make sure to map out your plan for the year. Start thinking about advertising, promotions, fundraising, meetings, and celebrations. Your salon’s business can benefit greatly from all of those activities if done successfully. Have old and new ideas ready that will work for your team and salon. Second, have the schedule presented to your staff with all dates for those functions. It’s important to have the whole staff attending, working and celebrating as a team. Next, talk about what education you need/want for the year. Those classes should be mandatory. Remember, “an uneducated staff is an unmotivated staff “.  Definitely, focus on your numbers. We don’t mean the dollar amount at the end of the month/year. Emphasize on your stylists average ticket per guest, average service per guest, average take home per guest, rescheduling percentages, frequency of visit and any overspending. Monitoring numbers is key in becoming successful! Millennium’s reports have made it easy to examine these numbers, which allows us to set accurate and realistic goals as individuals and as a salon each year. The MA200 report and the MA065 are two of our favorites! They have brought attention to the weaknesses and strengths on all areas of our salon. We have given promotions, saved money, and made money with the help of tracking these numbers. Last but not least, purchasing take home retail is the best investment for your business. If products sat on your shelf last year and didn’t sell, that doesn’t make it a bad product. Your team may not have generated enough conversation and coaching on the products you had available. Also, partner with a hair care company that offers education and marketing ideas on the products they believe in and you are retailing. Most importantly, develop systems that work for you and stay consistent. Happy New Year and much success!!!

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