Take Advantage of Mother’s Day and Create Additional Revenue in Your Salon or Spa

As we all know Mother’s day is rapidly approaching and sons, daughters, and husbands everywhere will be scrambling to pick up those last minute gifts for the women we love.  This couldn’t be a better holiday for salon and spa owners to take advantage of.  You should already be thinking of ideas to generate additional revenue and even land some new clients. But if your late to the game, luckily you have great industry resources like Behind The Chair Magazine that provide valuable money producing ideas and strategies to focus on during these profitable holidays.

Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards! The article states that there is no other holiday that is more advantageous to spoiling hard working moms and I totally agree.  What better way to treat your mom or wife than to give her a relaxing and rejuvenating day at a salon or spa. And gift cards make the perfect gift for the ones who aren’t good gift buyers.  So now all you need is strategic marketing plan in place to help boost revenue and reap the benefits of Mother’s Day. In this Behind The Chair Magazine article they walk you through five easy steps to developing a successful plan. I outlined them below at a very high level, but check out the original article for all the details. Good luck and if you have any good ideas or processes that have worked well in the past that you would like to share please feel free.

  1. Stock up on gift cards
  2. Mailing post cards to clients to inform them of the gift cards
  3. Call a team meeting and discuss the importance of pushing gift card sales
  4. Leverage social media outlets to get the word out
  5. Personalizing gift cards

For the original article and a more detailed plan please got to http://www.behindthechair.com/displayarticle.aspx?ID=2003&ITID=7

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