3 Ways Salons Can Grow Color Revenue Through the Game-Changing MSI and Vish Integration

3 Ways Salons Can Grow Color Revenue Through the Game-Changing MSI and Vish Integration

January 11, 2022  /  By Vish

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Are you still making decisions in your color business without the data to back them up?

There is no longer a need for ambiguity when managing color - with technology tracking 100% of the products dispensed and services rendered, why make decisions without arming yourself with data?

Salons have been tracking formulas and appointments manually for years, and while spa and salon software like Meevo 2 will take care of your calendar and clients, color management is the next step to business sustainability.

Pricing for Profits

Most often, when it’s time for a price increase, salons will increase services prices across the board. But does this really increase your profits? It’s hard to tell when you don’t have the data. Instead, Vish Color Management tracks all of the product dispensed and builds this into your existing pricing menu - so when your cost of color increases, so does the price you charge your clients.

By tracking 100% of the product dispensed, you’re able to see exactly how much product is used per service. Vish Color Management helps salons set product thresholds (allowed product per service) and enables salons to pass any additional product charge on to their clients, capturing thousands in additional profit.

Boosting Client Satisfaction

This pricing method has little pushback from clients as they understand that they are paying for the product that is being used on their head, rather than being charged a set price. It’s not about charging more, it’s about charging correctly for what you actually use. It means that every client gets charged based on actual usage rather than a one price fits all strategy.

So, when that client with long, thick hair comes in, you no longer have to dive into your savings to cover the cost of their product. And the client with the thin, short hair isn’t paying for more than they’re using: it’s a win-win for everyone in the salon.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

It’s time to put your business first. Using data to set the rules in your business not only means higher profits, but it means happier clients and happier employees as well.

And having such powerful data at your fingertips is one of the reasons why Meevo 2 client Trent Lange, Owner of Ecco Salon, loves the new Vish integration:

"In my opinion, this is the best partnership MSI and Meevo 2 have entered into, and I hope this is just the beginning of what these two companies can do together. Vish closes the gap to raw, accurate data at the point of use, which hasn't been available to salon owners until now.

Accurate information is key to making sound business decisions. Inventory and usage are one of the largest costs and cash flow obstacles. But Vish extends our visibility to a detailed consumption level that can easily be controlled and managed. The cash flow and revenue implication opportunities are ENORMOUS for salons!"

Interested in adding Vish to your Meevo 2 subscription? Visit the MeevoXchange today or contact our sales team. Not a Meevo 2 client but want to see how you can thrive with our innovative, award-winning salon and spa software? Schedule your demo today to experience Meevo 2 for yourself!


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Vish is an Innovative Color Management Software that is revolutionizing the way salon owners price and manage their color businesses, increasing salon efficiency and revenue while eliminating color waste and reducing color spend, ultimately increasing profit and reducing the impact on the environment.


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