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5 Holiday Retail Presentation Hacks

November 22, 2019

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The holiday season is the most popular shopping time of the year for gifting and splurging, and with holiday sales amounting to about 20% of annual retail sales, it’s even more important your salon or spa is crushing its retail game.


How can you step it up for the holiday season? Try out some of the following tips, tricks, and marketing ideas:

Make it custom and seasonal– Whether you swap out your normal retail shopping bags for a fun holiday twist or take a rustic approach with brown paper and tape garnished with small bells, curled rope string, and bits of pine, make your wrapping special and unique to this time of year. Throw in some name tags and blank cards with your branding for an extra holiday touch.


Consider gift wrapping- 52% of shoppers reported that they don’t like wrapping gifts because it takes too much time, so taking that extra task off of their plate can make your business their one-stop-shop.


Offer a $2 gift wrapping service at checkout or complimentary wrapping when they spend $50 or more. The added touch of personalization and ease that you’re adding to their life is what helps set your business apart from others!


Bundle your products into gift baskets- What struggling gift shopper doesn’t love a good gift basket? Build and label themed baskets of full-sized products around each holiday, a theme like a skincare or haircare basket, or around the recipient, like a basket for a girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, best friend, and so on. Holiday shopping made easy.


Keep pricing simple- Put offers together at incremental price points amounting to $10, $15, $25, $50, $75, and up. Price bundling doesn’t have to be accompanied by a discount, and it helps make more sales by simplifying purchasing decisions. You can also eliminate the dollar sign and any commas from price tags or signage to help consumers disassociate high costs from their purchases.


Stocking stuffers- Market your product minis as stocking stuffers! Whether that includes groups of sample sizes or specialty products exclusive to that collection, when you place them by the register they’ll be sure to sell like crazy.


Once you set up your beautiful holiday displays, don’t forget to share them on social! Did you love these retail tips? Let us know @SpeakMillennium and on Facebook.

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