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50 Powerful Ways to Build Your Brand and Market Your Business

August 18, 2017

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Need some fresh marketing ideas for your salon and spa? We always cultivate the best marketing strategies for the beauty and wellness industries. We created 50 Salon Marketing Ideas, and now we have an entirely new list to help you grow your business. Keep in mind that marketing is more than just an advertisement – it involves brand awareness and fostering long-lasting relationships with your community.

Build Strong Community Relationships

Strong community relationships build brand awareness and fuel word-of-mouth recommendations.Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Making connections with other community leaders can increase business exposure & drive repeat traffic.

  1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Making connections with other community leaders can increase business exposure & drive repeat traffic.
  2. Get a booth at a local festival. What better way to target locals than at a community festival? Set up shop and show them what you can do.
  3. Get to know local businesses. Building mutually-beneficial relationships can go a long way. Network with local businesses to create a cycle of referrals for your salon or spa.
  4. Sponsor local sports teams. Sports bring the community together. Whether it’s on the jersey, the scoreboard, in the program, etc., make
    sure you’re part of the team.
  5. Make relationships with local wedding vendors. Beauty services play a huge role on the big day and it doesn’t hurt to be referred by other trusted wedding vendors.
  6. Connect with performance-based organizations. Dancers, actors, models, etc., constantly need hair and makeup. Offer your services and create year-round opportunities for your business.
  7. Support local Veterans. Honor the troops and provide free or discounted services for those who’ve served on Veteran’s Day.
  8. Visit the local retirement homes. While they may choose a simple perm over unicorn hair, members of retirement homes want beauty services, too.
  9. Support local law enforcement. Create special deals for your local heroes that keep your community safe.
  10. Connect with local real estate agencies. Agents need headshots. Offer your services to help those smiling faces sell more houses.
Host/Attend Events

Hosting and attending events are a great way to meet potential clients, make industry-relationships, and drive more traffic through your doors.

  1. Host an exclusive VIP party. Reveal new product lines and services while delighting your long-term clients.
  2. Raise money for a local charity. Whether it’s cut-a-thons, coat/can/toy collections, walks for a cause, etc., charity work brings together your team and brings awareness to your business.
  3. Put on a fashion show. Create your own looks and show off your work.
  4. Host a “primp and sip” wine tasting event. Charge for admission and discount your services.
  5. Host a makeover party. Get your glam squad ready and offer discounts to anyone who pre-books their next appointment.
  6. Throw a business anniversary party. Celebrate your years of service and throw yourself a birthday party.
  7. Host an open house. Invite the community into your business for a tour and refreshments. Provide discounted services in-house and for those who pre-book an appointment.
  8. Invite Santa and the Easter Bunny to take pictures with kids after haircuts. Offer a free picture with two or more haircuts.
  9. Get a booth at a local bridal show. Get to know local soon-to-be-brides, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride/groom and market your beauty services.
  10. Attend a trade show or industry educational event. Network and make industry relationships that can take your business to the next level.
Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool with endless potential for attracting and engaging clients, both new and old.

  1. Post promotions. Post your current promotions on your feed and be sure to track the effectiveness.
  2. Share newsletters, blog, etc. Post links to your blog, newsletter, and more to help funnel Facebook followers into your marketing email list.
  3. Use the events calendar. Post your events on Facebook, which will show up at the top of your company page. Facebook automatically alerts friends of followers about events happening nearby.
  4. Post before and after comparisons. The engagement from your followers will increase when you post the transformations while you show off your talented team.
  5. Crowd source information. Ask questions and engage your customers. Target areas that will help you create relationships and improve the quality of your business (i.e. “What product would you like us to sell?” or “Name this seasonal body scrub”).
  6. Do an Instagram takeover. Get your name out there and partner with other businesses/vendors/publications to promote your salon or spa.
  7. Utilize link in bio. Create posts that relate to other marketing efforts (newsletters, blog, etc.) where you can funnel Instagram followers into your email list.
  8. Post a flash sale on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. Post a secret flash sale that only followers who view your story will know about.
  9. “Swipe up” to book. Utilize the URL option on Instagram Stories (for business profiles only) and allow viewers to “swipe up” to a link of your choice such as booking, promotions, etc.
  10. Create your own Snapchat geofilter. For less than $450 per year, create your own geofilter to be used while at your business to increase brand awareness with the younger crowd.
Create Your Own Content

Let your voice be heard! Share your expertise, behind the scenes, and more with self-created content such as blogs, videos, newsletters, case studies and more.

  1. Create lists. People love lists with quick and easy answers. Think of lists to blog about such as “5 skin care products you need right now” or “10 reasons why you should consider balayage.”
  2. Guest blog for a publication. Contributing to blogs or magazines with a large following that can bring increased awareness to your business.
  3. Debunk trends. While “Kylie Jenner lips” or “bee sting facials” might be all the craze on social media, it’s your job to help clients debunk industry trends and provide your clients with a better solution.
  4. Share advice on common problems. Give your professional opinion on a blog for common problems like dry skin, breaking hair, etc. The solution/call-to-action should always lead them to book an appointment.
  5. Take part in “challenges.” There are viral video trends that constantly emerge such as lip dubbing, ice bucket challenge, 100 layers of…, etc. Take part with your team and jump on the bandwagon to attract more views.
  6. Create a VIP-only newsletter. Nurture your loyal clients with exclusive content, discounts, and company news.
  7. Send ‘We miss you’ emails. Target clients who have not returned to your salon or spa in the last 90 days and offer them a little incentive to come back.
  8. Create a case study on how you overcame a problem. There are problems within the industry and as a business owner that are universal (motivating employees, attracting new clients, managing facility emergencies, etc.). Share how your business is solving problems.
  9. Create a case study on how you are implementing new techniques. If you are implementing a new technique and doing it well, share your story and help others.
  10. Create tutorials. Video or photo tutorials are a great way to share your skills with the world. Share your video on Facebook, your website, on Pinterest, in newsletters and much more.
Get Tech Savvy

Your customers will appreciate the convenience.

  1. Utilize SMS reminders and confirmations. Make sure your clients continue to show up with appointment reminders and confirmations straight
    to their phone.
  2. Take advantage of SMS marketing. Reach your clients instantly with promotions, flash sales, last minute appointments, and more.
  3. Get a client-facing salon app. Put your business in the palm of your client’s hand with an app for your business.
  4. Allow your clients to book appointments online. Take some stress off your front desk and give your clients the flexibility to book online.
  5. Enroll in E-Gift. Increase revenue by selling more gift cards by offering them for online purchase.
Create Brand Ambassadors

Don’t underestimate the power of peer recommendations. Create loyal customers who love your business and let them do the rest.

  1. Implement a client loyalty program. Motivate your clients with loyalty points for retail purchases, pre-booking, referrals, trying new services and more.
  2. Create memberships. Secure your clients for multiple visits and woo the heck out of them to keep them coming back.
  3. Offer VIP perks. Delight your clients with additional perks such as “free add-on Tuesdays” or “Membership Appreciation Day or Week.”
  4. Design swag. Get your brand name out there on pens, brushes, t-shirts, bags, mugs and more.
  5. Offer “bring a friend day.” Allow your clients to bring a guest for free to try out your services for the day.

The Ultimate Marketing Guide

There are endless ways to market your salon or spa and create long-lasting brand awareness. Put these industry-proven ideas into action, and watch your hard work turn into mutually-beneficial relationships, paying (and happy) clients, and an increased bottom line.

Want even more ideas to grow your brand and market your business? Download our free guide for 100 ideas to build your brand and increase your bottom line including social media contests, advertising, social media marketing, and much more.

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