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7 Effective Ways to Attract Clients to Your Salon or Spa

February 21, 2020

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While client retention is essential to sustaining your business, so is attracting brand new clients to your salon or spa. First, identify your ideal target client so that you can create a customized salon marketing plan, and then follow these 7 tips to create custom marketing tracks that are sure to bring in new clients.


1) Identify pain points
Identify your clients’ pain points and address how you can help them directly through social media and paid ads. If there are other salons and spas in your area making the market competitive, finding business differentiators and identifying client pain points such as distance, price, membership options, booking flexibility, online booking, and convenience will help guide your direction on how to effectively market your business.


2) Sift through your social
Look through your followers and see who has and has not booked an appointment with you and reach out to the ones who haven’t! Ask your stylists to search through their followers on Instagram as well and message their highly engaged followers who have yet to book an appointment through your salon booking software. For an added boost, make sure that you’re using geotags and hashtags that are searchable and specific to your area, your service specialties, and trending hashtags to get easily noticed.


3) Host giveaways
Giveaways, contests, and branded hashtags are all amazing ways to generate social buzz. Put together a small basket of retail or offer a free mini service and host a social media giveaway. Require entrants to tag two friends, re-post your post to their story, and use your custom business hashtag to enter! It’s the fastest way to spread the word that not only your business is a wonderful place to go for beauty and wellness, but that you care for and give back to your clients.
4) Go mobile
Mobility is critical from making sure your website works on their phone to make a mobile-friendly environment in your business. By allowing guests to easily book from their phone using Online Booking, you’ll never miss an opportunity again! The industry is blending luxury and convenience in a whole new way.


Want to take mobility a step further? Incorporate mobility into your salon once you’ve obtained these clients! Utilize a salon or spa software like Meevo 2 to incorporate Mobile Check-Out from anywhere in your business to create a simple and streamlined process that will keep them coming back.


5) Referral and Rewards Programs
Offer your clients rewards for referring new clients to your salon. You can add this into your already existing Membership and rewards programs, or create one from scratch that incentives your loyal customers to bring in their family and friends for a day of beauty, relaxation, and pampering. Instating a well-thought-out program will not only bring in new clients, but increase frequency of visit and loyalty in your already existing ones.


6) Managing online reviews
Maintaining a positive presence online will attract new people to try your salon or spa. Make sure to proactively manage your reputation by monitoring and answering clients online. The Meevo Marketing suite and its built-in Online Presence Management platform helps simplify reputation management, making it easier than ever to attract new clients to your business through you online brand. Keep all of your business information like working hours, contact points, and depending on the website, an active button that allows clients to access your site or book an appointment directly from that third-party platform.


7) Get a business a facelift
Following along with managing your online reputation, you should also update your website to match your messaging and make a great first impression. Make sure it’s easy to navigate, that pricing is available to view, that all of your services offerings are up-to-date, any special offers or deals happening, and that you maintain a clean and professional look and feel, and that there is a clear call to actions that ask website visitors to book appointments.


Follow these 7 tips and you’ll be attracting the right types of clients to your salon or spa in no time! Share this article if you liked these tips and follow us on Instagram and Facebook– let us know what you think.

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