How to Attract Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers

December 13, 2018

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For many of us, the holidays sneak up way too fast. The result? A panic-filled, last-minute buying frenzy that we promise we will never do again…until next year. Most of your clients probably still have some items left on their list, so take advantage! There are several ways to maximize your holiday sales at the eleventh hour.

Make it Easy

Convenience is one of the most important factors in converting last-minute customers. Remember, these shoppers are in a time crunch and need to make purchases as soon as possible. They want to browse, shop and pay with ease. Remove any friction points that slow down the shopping experience and ensure that shoppers can easily find exactly what they need.

  • Complementary products – Group products with relevant accessories or items (e.g. Facial cleansers with an exfoliating brush, towels, serums, etc.)
  • Bundles – Group items in the same product line and sell them as a package. (e.g. Three different color lip stains.)
  • Slow-moving items with top sellers – Pair slow-moving products with your more popular items. (e.g. Top-selling shampoo with a slow-moving hair mask.)

Gift cards are a popular item for last-minute shoppers. Place them close to the register in plain sight. Limited-time gift card promotions can help seal the deal by incentivizing customers to purchase and feel like they are receiving a great bargain. Keep an eye on all of your inventory and plan ahead! Stocked shelves for last-minute shoppers will help attract more sales if they’re not forced to pick from the leftovers.

Gift Guides

Creating gift guides can help sweeten the deal. Take a look at your inventory and curate potential gifts for targeted recipients such as moms, brothers, grandmas, girlfriends, etc. Organize designated retail areas with signs based on each persona to instantly attract the right customers. Consider printing your guides on 4×6 cards so you can hand something tangible to customers.

Add an Element of Delight

Enhancing your customer experience is a great way to attract and delight more customers. Consider setting up a complimentary gift-wrapping station. When customers know they can get a last-minute gift at your store and have it wrapped and ready to give, they may be more likely to purchase. Another way to delight customers is to provide perks for visiting your retail areas, such as free holiday beverages and treats. Who doesn’t like free food?

Marketing to Last-Minute Shoppers

If you’re sending out emails, tailor your messages to the buying history and needs of your customers. With so many emails sent to clients this time of year, more specific messages will help you stand out from the rest. Some of these messages can include:

  • Target customers who bought holiday retail items from you in the past and remind them of the reasons why they love shopping with you. Be sure to include all your holiday perks (discounts, holiday trees, free gift wrapping, etc.) to set yourself apart from major retailers such as Amazon.
  • Announce that a client’s favorite product is back in stock and they will receive a special discount just for being a regular customer.
  • Reveal your gift guides as the perfect ideas for the loved ones on their list.
  • Offer limited-time discounts that will entice clients to buy.

To recap, making it as easy as possible for your last-minute holiday shoppers can make all the difference. Specifically tailoring your products and marketing can incentivize more clients to purchase and free perks like gift wrapping and holiday treats can help sweeten the deal. Need more ways to surpass your end-of-year revenue goals? Check out our blog on how to create the ultimate holiday client experience at your salon or spa.


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