How to Be More Productive in Your Salon | Get Ahead of Your Workload!

August 20, 2019

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Are you overwhelmed by the amount of things that you have to do? There are so many people to meet with, and events to plan on top of everything else you manage!


Today I’m going to show you how to get ahead of all of it.


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Clients often come to me and say,

“Jason, I’m overwhelmed. There are so many things I have to do. I deal with marketing, hiring, firing, management, and team training. On top of that, I have to deal with bills, random tasks, and other situations.”


Heaven forbid you get a bad review or anything else that upsets your entire day. Don’t let the daily salon chaos distract you from your long term vision.

Most people over plan a day, but they under plan a year.
That’s why we sit down at the end of the year with all of our members and help them plan out the next 365 days of their salon life.


You might be thinking,
How long does it take to plan out 365 days?
Answer: a lot shorter than you might think.


In fact, if you carve out an hour, and list your big things first and then squeeze the smaller things in after, you’d be surprised at what you can actually get planned in just 60 minutes.
To help you, I’ve put together a calendar for next year, 2020.

The calendar will help you plan the following:
– Marketing Promotions, which are necessary for growth.
– Team Trainings, which are essential to your salon’s health.
– VIP Nights help keep your existing clients.
– School Visits keep talent coming to your salon.

How to Plan Your Calendar:
1. Schedule an hour with your salon leaders to help plan.
2. Print out the 2020 Calendar.
3. Grab four different colored highlighters.
4. Highlight (choose a color) the days of the year you plan to have Marketing Promotions.
5. Highlight (different color) the days of the year you plan to have Team Training
6. Highlight (different color) the days of the year you plan to have VIP Nights
7. Highlight (different color) the days of the year you plan to have School Visits
8. Make another draft -or- Enjoy your finished calendar.


In 60 minutes, you’ll have a really clear plan of what you need to do for next year. Then all you have to do is execute against that plan. It’s super simple. We do it inside our academy and I would love to make that same resource available to you.


Download it, use the calendar, color code it, and you’re ready to rock 2020.


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