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Boost Your Sales with Meevo 2

February 01, 2021

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We know how important retail is to your business, so we put together a few ideas that will help ensure you’re prepared with great retail promotional strategies. Read on to learn more!


Meevo 2’s eGift Platform
The demand for contactless gift-giving is at an all-time high, and Meevo 2’s eGift integration can serve you the best contactless gift to give. eGift is one of Meevo 2’s most powerful integrations that will boost your sales year-round.


Meevo 2’s eGift gives you the ability to customize each gift card with your business’ logo, colors, and design to showcase your brand. And clients have the option to personalize their gift cards through pre-loaded templates and photos to give a great gift to family or friends.


It’s perfect for those last-minute shoppers and long-distance gifters and can be delivered any way your customer would like.


Sales Rankings (Our Founder and CEO John Harms’ Favorite Meevo 2 Feature)
Meevo 2’s Sales Rankings feature allows you to rank your top employees, services, and products with the additional ability to generate exportable lists.


John Harms explains, “If you’re ranking clients, you can see who your top 100 clients are who bought products or services this year and can send them an egift card. There are so many cool things you can get from this, not just sales, it also ranks people on rebook percentage and average ticket.”


You can also take advantage of the advanced search and reporting functions in Meevo 2 to see how your products and services are performing. If you’re finding that you have some slow-selling products, consider creating promotional discounts to get those products off the shelf. BOGO’s are great promotions to start with!


Meevo 2 Makes Discounting Simple
Setting up discounts in your system can help increase your clients’ perceived value of your products.


We’ve all been there. You’re at the salon, and your stylist recommends their go-to hair product that’s discounted at 40% off, and you begin to rationalize spending more than you were planning because you just can’t pass up the great deal.


Using discounts in Meevo 2 can create easy gift ideas for your customers. On the surface, discounting may sound like you’ll be losing revenue, but that’s not the case. Discounting can quickly drive sales, move outdated inventory, attract new customers, and create more demand for products.


Product bundles and packages
Consumers are highly motivated by sales like “buy one, get one free,” which is why product bundles and packages are a great idea to boost your sales. Clients love buying these as gifts for family and friends. And to add an even nicer touch that can boost your client experience, offer special gift wrappings in-store for your customers.


Meevo 2 lets you create product bundles and will recommend add-on’s in the Register based on the customer’s prior purchase history, helping to increase retail sales and your average ticket.


We hope you’re feeling motivated to crush your retail game this year! Make sure to connect with us on social media @speakmillennium and share how you’ve started your retail plan.

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