Boost your Holiday Retail Sales with Meevo 2

October 11, 2019

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While you might think it’s a bit early to see Christmas trees and other holiday decorations, it’s not too early to start prepping your holiday retail strategy.


We know how important holiday retail is to your business, which is why we designed Meevo 2 to help you get products flying off the shelves and the appointments rolling in. Want to learn our secrets for holiday prep? Keep on reading.


The power of eGift– eGift is one of Meevo 2’s most powerful integrations that will boost sales this holiday season. You’re able to customize each gift card with your business’ logo, colors, and design to reinforce your brand. It’s perfect for the last-minute shopper, for long-distance gifters, and can be delivered any way your the customer would like.


There’s even an “eGift calculator” that allows clients to view the prices of your services to serve as the ultimate gift-giving guide. Learn more about eGift in our blog here.


Meevo 2’s Sales rankings– Take advantage of the advanced search and reporting functions in Meevo 2 to see how your products and services are really performing. Did you find that you have some slow-selling products? Are you selling some retail, but not hitting your ultimate goals? Consider creating a contest within your salon or spa to see who can sell the most of a certain product, then give away prizes!


Whether that’s the product itself, money off of services, or a little something extra special, it’s a surefire way to motivate your team to get into the selling spirit, which will help ease the transition into their holiday up-sells and cross-sells.


Holiday Discounting in Meevo 2- Setting up discounts in your system can help raise the perceived value of how clients see your products, which helps them rationalize spending more than they had planned on spending. 40% of all holiday shoppers start before Halloween, so make sure that you’re ahead of the curve when your customers are still looking for the perfect gift ideas.


Make your promotions exclusive by setting a specific time frame for your promotion to run in order to create a sense of urgency to shop. You can also customize offers by setting limits, like one applicable discount per transaction or per client. Discounts don’t have to mean that your business loses money, be smart about your discounts and everyone will win with your festive promotions!


Product bundles and packages- Consumers are highly motivated by sales like “buy one, get one free,” which suits your retail goals this season perfectly. Creating the illusion that a customer is receiving an extra exclusive offer or a larger deal than they actually are is one of the fastest ways to clear your retail shelves. Offer product bundles and packages to serve as the convenient gift-giving solution- especially for the times that a well-meaning but misguided spouse comes in looking for a gift, but isn’t sure what to buy. Consider offering to do special wrappings in-store to make the gift-giving process even simpler.


Did you love these tips? Watch the full webinar on the Millennium Community Site, available to Millennium Systems International clients. Make sure to connect with us on social media @speakmillennium and share how you’re boosting your retail sales this holiday season.

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