Meevo 2 Contactless Self-Pay

Check Out Is Now Even More Contactless with Meevo 2 Self-Pay

July 23, 2020

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Our Product Team is always exploring ways to update and enhance Meevo 2 to keep up with the ever-changing needs of salons and spas. And right now, helping our clients improve their contactless journey is a priority.

With one of our latest features, Meevo 2 Self-Pay, businesses can further boost the contactless experience they provide to clients and staff through their salon and spa software. And so far, responses from our clients have overwhelmingly shown how valuable Self-Pay can be as the industry plans for the future.

What is Meevo 2 Self-Pay?

Our customers can already offer a chairside check out thanks to the complete mobility offered by Meevo 2. All steps in the checkout process can be completed on each staff member’s mobile device from the convenience of their chair or station.

And with the option to securely store credit cards in Meevo 2 through integrated payments, our clients can minimize interaction during check out. But now, you can provide an even greater contactless experience by using Self-Pay as salon appointment software.

Through Meevo 2, staff can easily select the Self-Pay option at check out to send a client an email or text message with a link to view transaction details and securely process their payment.

If a client has a credit card on file, it will be available when the client clicks on the Self-Pay link. They can then choose whether to complete the transaction with their stored credit card or use a different payment method.

Additionally, clients have the option of adding a tip when completing their transactions with Self-Pay.

Once the transaction has been completed, clients will automatically receive a receipt via email if they have an email address on file. If not, the Self-Pay webpage will provide an on-screen receipt with a prompt to print the page for their records.

Meevo 2 Self-Pay removes the need for clients to touch a staff member’s mobile device and puts the entire checkout process into their own hands – further improving safety measures for clients and staff while delivering on customer expectations.

How Do You Set Up Meevo 2 Self-Pay?

For our Meevo 2 clients who already have integrated payments and want to learn how to enable Self-Pay, be sure to read on. If you’re not currently a client but would like to learn more about Meevo 2 Self-Pay and how our software can help you on your contactless journey, contact us!

Enabling Self-Pay within Meevo is a quick and easy process that only requires a few steps to begin using this new contactless feature.

Within Meevo 2, go to Business Information under the Business Settings section and click on Preferences. Then, under the Register section, make sure that “Enable credit card processing” is selected.

Here, you’ll also set the frequency for the reminder communication a client would get if they do not complete their Self-Pay transaction. For example, you can set the notification to go out one hour after the original email or text was sent.

Next, go to the Register in Meevo 2 and select Merchant Accounts to ensure that the account is set and active. You also want to make sure “Default Account” and “Enable Hosted Page” are turned on.

Once these settings are configured, the Self-Pay tile will be visible in the Register for your staff and clients to use during check out!

Start Using Meevo 2 Self-Pay Today to Enhance Your Contactless Experience

Safety precautions are more important than ever as salons and spas navigate the new industry normal. Offering contactless solutions, such as Meevo 2 Self-Pay, can help ease client and staff concerns, elevating the experiences of everyone who visits your business – resulting in more future bookings.

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