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Your Guide to End-of-Year Reporting

December 18, 2018

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Data can be intimidating and sometimes hard to face, but it will make all the difference in preparing for 2019. The end-of-year chaos can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it comes to reporting. We’ve gathered the crucial reports in Millennium and Meevo 2 you should run to close out 2018 and prepare for the New Year.

Reports to Run

Reports are an important tool to understand every aspect of your business such as taxes, revenue, and more. To end the year, you will absolutely need:

MR095: Tax Report – Displays all tax liability for all sales transactions processed through Millennium, including prepaid sales tax on product purchases. This is useful to give to your accountant at the end of the year.

Note: This report is called “Sales Tax Collected” in Meevo 2 – it displays income (taxable & tax-exempt) and sales tax collected.

MR156: Tax Collection Summary – Displays sales totals for each quarter, broken down by transaction type. It also includes the amount of tax collected during each quarter, broken down by transaction type.

Note: This report is now part of the MR095 in Meevo 2 when you use summary mode.

MR080: Register Summary– Displays a total of all sales, tax collected, and payment types used — all on one page. You can run this report for the entire year and give to your accountant.

MA200: Growth Indicators Analysis – Displays your growth indicators (KPIs), to help assess the performance of your employees and the business as a whole. Use these important metrics to analyze how each employee/department/business did for the year, and set goals for 2019 based on this. You should also use these metrics to determine which client loyalty promotions to set up for 2019 to help improve specific growth indicators.

Note: This report is called “Employee Key Performance Indicators” in Meevo 2.

MI047: Inventory Sales/Usage Analysis – Displays sales and usage data that allows you to determine whether to order or discontinue a product. When restocking for 2019, utilize this report to analyze which products were hot-sellers and need a higher model quantity, and which items should be discontinued.

Note: This report is coming soon in Meevo 2. In the meantime, use Sales Rankings to pull your top and bottom sellers. To get to Sales Rankings, go to Meevo > Management > Sales Rankings, or type rankings into the Convobar.

Download Your End of Year Checklist

If you like having a tangible checklist to make sure you’ve accomplished everything on your to-do list, we’ve got you covered. Download our free end-of-year checklist and stay on track for the last few weeks of the year, as well as set your business up for an organized start to 2019.

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