Meevo 2 end-of-year wrap up

Wrapping Up the Year with Meevo 2

December 13, 2019

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Having an accurate understanding of your numbers for the year is critical to achieving success in the new year. Meevo 2 users can dive into Sales Tax Collected, Register Summary, Liability Summary, and more to gain the full breadth and depth of understanding required to running your business and making it easy for you to work with an accountant.
Evaluating sales with Sales Ranking
You can use Sales Ranking to gauge how well services and products are doing in your business and ones that are struggling. Once you’re able to identify these trends, you can make more intelligent business decisions about when to provide internal incentives to help motivate your employees to sell products or services. You can sort by products, services, or both, providing a guide to what product lines or services you should continue to offer in 2020.


Utilizing employee promotions
You can pre-set Employee Promotions for your staff, as well as edit their security settings, change their payroll, and include or modify deductions or commissions in Meevo 2. You can even pre-set templates for different roles and service levels in your business and easily use the templates to quickly and efficiently modify your employee data. Want to set it up ahead of time? No problem, you can either choose to process immediately or set a date, for example, if you don’t want the changes to go live until January first.


Running end-of-year reports
Are you looking for an overview of what reports you should be running to collect the most accurate data to move into the new year with? Run end-of-year specific reports to make sure you’re hitting the mark and making smart decisions for the new year.


  • Sales Tax Collected
Sort all of your tax information, income, and sales tax collected for items within certain date ranges. This report also provides totals for packages, products, and services for the year along with the taxes and sales taxes collected.
  • Register Summary
Attain a high-level overview of your register activity for any custom date range to understand what payment methods your clients are most commonly using, the stats for service and product sales, and refunds all through one report.
  • Business Overview
Looking for a bird’s eye view of your entire business? This report quickly pulls your client, service, appointment, and retail stats, along with payment types and top manufacturer products used and sold at your business.
  • Employee Key Performance Indicator
This report provides insight into your business’ and employees’ KPIs, pulling in important information like their sales stats, average ticket prices, regular productivity, as well as their client retention information.


Marketing through Meevo 2
Become an email marketing expert with EMMA advanced email marketing tools. Connect your data, build your audience, and create successful marketing campaigns for your salon or spa with ease!
Setting up goals
Are you hitting your #goals? Set up your goals in Meevo 2 to help boost your business. Establishing employee goals can help your team visualize success by showing them how they’re performing through their Goals Dashboard. Track both individual achievements and inter-departmental achievements to encourage teamwork and professional growth within your business.


Want to learn more about taking 2020 by storm using Meevo 2? Log in to the Millennium Community Site and watch the webinar to dive in!

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