Top 3 Business-Boosting Metrics for Salon and Spa Goal Setting

July 19, 2019

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Develop your ultimate salon or spa dream team by setting weekly, monthly, and yearly benchmark goals to reach your highest business potential.

Goal setting is crucial for high achievement on both an individual level and business-wide scope. Setting goals can lead to improved client experience, increased frequency of visit, motivated employees, and smarter executive decision making- who doesn’t want that?

Whether you’re looking to help your employees develop their career within your business or surpass last year’s sales, we know how important goal setting can be for your business, which is why we made it a key feature in Meevo 2.

Read the top 3 ways you can get ahead and stay ahead for great business-boosting results!

Establish Employee KPIs

Meevo 2 provides insights into how both your business and employees are performing
so you can analyze and adjust accordingly to maximize your productivity and time spent with customers.

You can easily
identify areas in your business that need improvement based on things like: Frequency of visit, client retention, average ticket, and cancellations or no-shows. These metrics will help you improve the quality of interactions with the customers you’re already working with. Like the 80/20 rule, 80% of your revenue will be generated by your core 20% of clients, meaning the ones you already know and love are the ones you should be focused on!

To further help the client experience, you can also identify the strengths and weaknesses of each employee to set goals that make the most sense to improve the salon or spa.

Are there more missed opportunities
with one department over another? Is one service provider particularly stellar at selling retail, but lacking in other areas?You can easily fill in the gaps with Meevo 2 reports to make sure your employees are hitting all of their goals!

No guesswork involved.

Improve Employee Productivity

You want to ensure that employees are maximizing their productivity while at work. Whether that means improving the number of services that they perform on any given day or their popularity with target demographics (male and female services for examples), clearly listing and presenting employees with their numbers will help them see exactly where they’re excelling and what areas could use improvement.

This strategy makes it much easier to track the growth of an employee during their time with your salon or spa which can serve as an easy way to monitor positive development, or can be used for management to help direct educational conversations.

By tracking their progress, your staff will be able to see their meaningful contributions to your business
which makes them more likely to stay with your company, as well as create powerful teaching tools for your management team.

Define Customer Goals

“Customer goals? But don’t customers have to just sit back and relax?”

Yes, of course! You want your customers to always leave looking and feeling their best! And Meevo 2 has a report that will help you identify exactly what services are helping you achieve that goal, and which aren’t
quite hitting the mark, so you can continue to develop and refine those service offerings.

Once you establish whether or not a service is effectively contributing to the business, you can then use the data as a coaching tool to support your staff in directing their conversations with their clients to fill in
the potential information gaps.

Whether you’re starting small or trying to take your business to the next level, goal setting is a great place for all salons and spas to develop.

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