How can you salon spa offer contactless experience

How Can Your Salon or Spa Offer a Contactless Experience?

May 06, 2020

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As business owners start to think about the reopening process, understanding how their day-to-day operations will change is critical. With employee and client interaction being such a critical aspect of business success, how can salons and spas adapt to meet what will be the new norm?

By offering a contactless experience for the safety of your customers and employees.

As our customers are preparing for reopening, those who are on the Meevo 2 platform and have their payment system integrated with us have an opportunity to easily hit the ground running with these features:

1) Online Booking

Allowing your clients to book their services online has always been a valuable tool to meet customer expectations and increase appointments. Moving forward, it will have an even bigger role in ensuring that clients can easily schedule their appointments from anywhere, creating a contactless booking experience.

With software that supports Online Booking, your clients will be able to schedule their appointments from the comfort of their home using their cell phone, tablet, or computer. They’ll then be able to visit your salon or spa on the date of their appointment while minimizing their interactions with employees and other guests.

2) Contactless Check-In

In most cases, check-in is the first interaction a client has when coming in for an appointment. It can also be a time when they come into contact with multiple people, from Front Desk staff to other clients waiting for their service. When salons and spas reopen, minimizing interactions to just the service provider will be crucial to improving the client experience.

Creating a contactless check-in process is a great solution to keep both clients and employees safe while running your business more efficiently. Clients can be prompted to complete documents and forms prior to their visit. Then when they arrive, customers can check-in through their phones and can be alerted via text or email when they are ready to be seen. This process enables clients to wait in their car and avoids having multiple guests in the waiting area.

3) Store Credit Cards On File

One of the advantages of Meevo 2’s integrated credit card processor is the ability to save customer payment methods, removing the need for clients to manually pay for services, gift cards, or memberships each time they visit. Instead, clients can opt to use their stored credit card information to pay when they visit your store.

Not only does this eliminate the need for clients and employees to come into contact with each other or common surfaces, but it also helps streamline and automate the check-out process, which leads us to the next thing your business can implement…

4) Chairside Check Out

Stored credit cards can help automate check out, but another area of opportunity for salon and spa owners is being able to offer chairside checks out to clients.

Meevo 2’s Mobile POS System enables service providers to complete the check-out process right at their station with mobile devices or tablets. They can add retail products or gift cards to the final bill in addition to salon scheduling software for future appointments – all while reducing the client’s exposure to other employees, guests, and the need to contact common surfaces and objects.

Signature captures can also be presented to clients during their chairside check out via a tablet or other mobile device used by an employee. Customers can request their service provider complete this step on their behalf, avoiding multiple people touching the same surface.

Additionally, if clients would like a receipt, your employees can provide them via email, eliminating another in-store touchpoint.

But chairside checkout doesn’t just help clients, it also improves the safety for employees. Service providers can use their own mobile device or tablet to conduct chairside check outs and rebook appointments, preventing multiple employees from contacting the same surfaces or devices, such as a front desk computer.

5) Enable Self-Pay

In addition to stored payment methods, many clients will want the option to self-pay for their services using their personal devices. The good news for Meevo 2 clients is our new Self-Pay feature has been added in our latest release. When you integrate payments within Meevo 2, you’ll then have the option to select Self-Pay as a payment option during checkout.

This will send an email or text message to the client with a link to complete their transaction securely from their own mobile device. Clients can choose to add a tip, use a card already stored on-file, or use a different credit card to pay for their services.

Is Your Salon or Spa Ready To Offer a Contactless Experience?

As businesses plan for reopening, owners will need to be ready to adapt their business to meet contactless expectations and new challenges for salon management.

One common example we have been hearing from our clients is collecting a sanitation fee to help their business stay as safe and clean as possible for guests and employees.

Currently, clients can manually add a new service fee each time at check out. But coming soon, Meevo 2 clients will be able to automatically include a sanitation service fee that gets added to every applicable transaction, making the check-out process even more efficient.

Additionally, clients can visit the Meevo 2 store to view all of the integrations available to their salon or spa. Many can be used to help enhance your contactless experience including Online Booking, Textel, and eGift.

Creating a roadmap can help your salon or spa be prepared for reopening, including how to offer a contactless experience to your customers and staff.


Want to learn more about going contactless at your salon or spa? Download our latest infographic to take a ride through the touch-free journey you can offer to clients and staff.

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