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How to Create a Deskless Front Desk at Your Salon or Spa

August 11, 2020

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One of the most significant developments in the salon and spa industry has been the shift towards contactless solutions to help minimize in-store contact and ensure the safety of clients and staff. As a result, many owners have begun to once again explore the idea of a “deskless front desk” to improve the touch-free experience and boost customer satisfaction.

But did you know that your spa or salon software can help make a deskless front desk a reality as you prepare for the future? With advanced software and these helpful tips, enhancing your contactless experience and creating a deskless front desk will be easier than you might think!

1) Enable Online Booking

For salons and spas looking to enter the contactless world, the touch-free journey begins with Online Booking. By letting clients book their appointments online, owners don’t have to rely on the front desk to manage appointments. You’ll also be able to prompt clients to store their credit card information on file securely – a valuable resource later on in the contactless journey.

Additionally, through Online Booking, your wait list is managed automatically to avoid potential lost revenue from open appointments and late cancellations.

2) Use a Booking Agent Add-On Feature

Not only can salon and spa software (such as Meevo 2) offer Online Booking, but it also lets owners utilize a Booking Agent feature to book appointments. This resource can be invaluable for multi-location businesses as your software will scan for open appointments at any store to maximize bookings.

One of the benefits of the Booking Agent add-on is that staff can easily book appointments for multi-location salons and spas in a back office, taking pressure off of the front desk – improving efficiency and once again freeing up Front Desk staff and Service Providers to focus on client satisfaction and rebooking.

3) Provide eGift Cards

Another way to let clients plan for future appointments and take the strain off of the front desk is by offering eGift cards that can be purchased online through your salon appointment software. Once a client buys a gift card, they can be emailed or mailed to clients (or even picked up in-store) and redeemed at a later date.

And when using Meevo 2’s eGift, you can easily run reports to see the performance of your cards. This is another way to let clients pay for future appointments while reducing the number of employees at the front desk.

4) Automated Confirmations and Reminders

Once a client books an appointment, you want to ensure they don’t forget about their upcoming service through confirmations and reminder communications.

Utilizing salon and spa software can help automate this important process, allowing your staff to spend less time at the front desk making calls or sending emails – and instead focus on elevating the client experience, rebooking appointments, taking client temperatures, cleaning the salon or spa, and ensuring the business meets all state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

5) Digital Intake Forms and Documents

For many years, clients were asked to fill out intake forms and documents in the waiting area. But as we enter the contactless world, moving to digital forms and documents will help streamline the check-in process, enhance the customer experience, reduce the number of people in your business, and ensure the safety of clients and staff.

Through software like Meevo 2, many of these forms can be sent automatically through email once a client books an appointment so they can be completed before their visit.

6) Self Check-In Kiosk

For salons and spas with a limited waiting area, one solution to improve safety and create a deskless front desk is a Self Check-In Kiosk. This is one of a few possible resources that can let clients check themselves in when they visit your business, speeding up the check-in process and reducing the number of clients and staff around the front desk area.

7) Geo Check-In

Another option available for many salons and spas is to incorporate geo check-in features to create a truly automated check-in process for clients and staff. Through your software, clients can check-in via their phone when they enter your parking area.

Your staff will get alerted once the check-in occurs and can then communicate with clients to let them know when to come into the business, letting clients bypass the front desk when they enter. This feature is available through our SalonClouds+ integration available with Meevo 2.

8) Chairside Checkout

In addition to contactless check-in, you can also go touch-free at check out through the advanced mobility of modern salon and spa software like Meevo 2.

Features such as Self-Pay, rebooking alerts, and visit notes allow Service Providers to complete the checkout process with clients right from their chair – removing the need for clients to visit the front desk after their service.

Increase Efficiency and Safety with a Deskless Front Desk

By creating a deskless front desk, salon and spa owners can help deliver on the contactless expectations of clients and staff.

It also presents owners an opportunity to refocus front desk staff on other critical business tasks such as inventory management for retail sales, customer satisfaction efforts, sanitizing procedures, and training on additional aspects of your salon and spa software – all resulting in increased productivity and business efficiency!

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