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Increase Your Holiday Sales

November 09, 2017

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Attention: Black Friday is two weeks away. ‘Tis the season of spending! Now’s the time to gear up for the end of the year to surpass your goals, increase your bottom line, and strengthen your client relationships.

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday retail sales are expected to grow 4% this year. What does this mean for your business as a salon or spa owner? It’s time to get your holiday plan in place to optimize the rest of the year. Need a little help? Be sure to check out our 2017 Salon & Spa Holiday Marketing Calendar for your guide for marketing your services and essential dates and trends to look out for this season.

Deck the Halls

Spruce up your business decor and spread holiday cheer. Why? 60% of women say they are drawn into a store by a retailer’s window display. Add some holiday spirit to your front desk, retail displays, shelf talkers, windows and more to delight clients and put them in the warm-and-fuzzy-spending-mood.

Holiday-Themed Service Menu

Holiday-themed services are a great way to incentivize your clients. Have you heard of pumpkin-spiced lattes? Of course, you have! These holiday-themed drinks are only around a few months out of the year and put customers in the seasonal spirit – a perfect “I must have that!” combination.

Because seasonal services are time-sensitive, they are more appealing. Create a special holiday-themed service menu and give it to clients while they wait for their appointment. Consider adding the flavors of the season such as pumpkin, cranberry, brown sugar, mulled wine, peppermint, and more into your facials, scrubs, aromatherapies, nail colors, and other services.

Gift Cards and Memberships

Gift cards have been the number 1 requested item on wish lists since 2007 and are one of the easiest ways to create additional revenue this holiday season. Need even more incentive to push gift cards? The average recipient ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card. The holidays are a perfect time to add gift card promotions such as “buy $100, get $120.” Don’t forget to stock up on the necessary accessories (ribbon, boxes, etc.) to make your gift card presentation stand out.

If your gift cards sales have been bleak, add series and memberships to your holiday promotions. Pitch clients the idea of gifting a “three-month experience.” Not only is this an appealing gift, but it also increases your opportunity to woo and retain more loyal clients through multiple visits.

Men’s Services

Men’s services are more popular than ever, and it’s a known fact that male clients are more loyal than women. So why not focus more on men this holiday season? Try a 3-month membership for men and bundle shave services, waxing services, and even hair services. For retail, offer products such as gels, pastes, beard oil, and men’s skin care creams and serums.

If you’re looking to attract more men to your salon or spa, consider offering tailored services to men at a discounted rate for a limited time. Need more ideas to attract more men? Download our free guide to managing your male clients.

Maximize Super Saturday

Target last-minute shoppers on “Super Saturday” A.K.A. the last panic-filled Saturday before Christmas. Make your business a one-stop-shop for clients who still have items on their shopping list. Selling stocking stuffers, ribbons, pre-made gift baskets, and other holiday-themed gifts will not only increase your retail ticket but also give clients an appreciated convenience.

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