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How Analytics and Meevo 2 Help Measure Your Salon or Spa’s Online Presence

October 04, 2021

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As we dive into the final part of our series on how the Meevo Marketing suite helps your salon or spa attract new guests and engage and delight your existing clients, it’s time to explore how Meevo 2 lets you gain a holistic picture of your business performance online.

First of all, you can’t optimize what you can’t measure. But what areas should you measure when it comes to your salon or spa’s online presence and reputation? With Meevo Marketing’s Online Presence Management platform, you can gain insights into your business’ online performance with Online Presence Analytics.

Online Presence Analytics gives your salon or spa the ability to do three key things: understand engagement, measure performance, and share data easily.

We added Online Presence Analytics to Meevo 2 to help our clients answer important questions such as:

  1. How is my business showing up in search?
  2. Why are customers interested in my business versus my competitors?
  3. What percentage of customers who view my business engage with us?
  4. What percentage of my listings traffic leads to a conversion?

So, what can I measure specifically to answer those types of questions about my salon or spa using Online Presence Analytics?

Let’s begin with discoverability. Online Presence Analytics allows you to understand how your business is being found in searches across your listings. It also shows your salon or spa’s search terms, your audience’s demographics, which devices consumers are using to look for your business, and so much more to better understand your salon marketing strategy.

How about visibility? With Online Presence Analytics, you can measure how often and where consumers are viewing your business online. Easily track Google Search views, Google Map views, Bing searches, and Facebook page impressions in search, just to name a few!

Google Views

Next, we have engagement, which helps you understand how your customers and prospective clients interact with your business online across clicks, conversions, and your online reputation. Using Online Presence Analytics allows you to measure specific client actions, such as clicking driving directions in Google Maps, clicks to call your business from your online listings, or even clicks to your website from search.

You can also easily track and measure how your promotions are performing on Facebook with unique Call-to-Actions (CTAs), post directly to your Google My Business page, monitor the number of views for each post, and publish and track clicks on a Featured Message across your Online Listings. This helps you reach your customers in search with rapidly changing content such as daily promotions, upcoming events, and more across all your locations – all from one salon management software suite.

Online Presence Analytics even helps you view your customer reviews at scale through average ratings, new reviews, reviews by site, and more!

Total Clicks


Review Ratings

Lastly, you can utilize Online Presence Analytics to track your social media audience and measure your salon or spa’s total number of social interactions. For example, you can track how many people view your Facebook page, your total number of Likes, people talking about your business on Facebook, and monitor check-ins on Facebook and Foursquare.

Facebook Stats

Meevo 2 Helps Your Business Manage Your Online Presence

As we close out this series, we hope we’ve helped you better understand why your salon or spa’s online presence is so critical to success in today’s competitive market.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Meevo 2 and our Meevo Marketing suite can help your beauty and wellness business manage and improve your online presence, schedule time with us today for a live, personalized demo.

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