5 Hacks for Selling More Retail

May 04, 2018

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Need a noticeable boost to your revenue? Focus on retail. Creating a culture around your retail products turns a transaction into an experience. The moment you transform your retail experience into more than an additional cost, you will increase your opportunities to sell more product.

There are several ways you can incorporate your retail into a client visit to help revamp your selling strategy and keep a constant flow of products moving on your shelves. Here are five hacks:

1. Educate Your Clients

Increasing your retail sales starts with your service providers. You must create a culture where retail is discussed during the consultation, the service, all the way through to the checkout. During the consultation, your service providers should identify the client’s concerns and discuss products that can help. They should also know what the client is already using at home to find where they can suggest new products to include into the client’s regimen.

During the service, the service provider should continue the conversation by educating their client on the benefits of the products being used, as well as how the client should include them in their daily routine. Don’t forget to remind your team to make notes of all products recommended on the client’s work ticket.

Once the service is complete, the service provider should walk the client to the front desk, with the work ticket in hand. The work ticket should be passed along to the front desk professional so they could make note of the recommendations in the client’s profile. Before the service provider walks away, they should ask the client if they should grab any of the products recommended for them. Whether or not the sale is made that day, the seed was planted, the client walks away feeling educated and cared for, and are more inclined to purchase in the future.

2. Associate Products with Services

Train your team to suggest products at check-out that are associated with each service at your business. For instance, products needed to maintain the look of a new haircut are different than product needed for a new head of highlights. Take the time to categorize your products based on your services for a better-customized suggestion for clients.

3. Play 1 Benefit, 1 Feature with Your Team

Yes, your team may know of the product, but do they know WHY a client should purchase it? Quiz your team and test their knowledge of each product. Do they know at least one benefit (i.e. smooths frizz, tightens skin, moisturizes the scalp, etc.) and one feature (i.e. jojoba oil, organic ingredients, b vitamins, etc.)? It is especially important to include the front desk in this so they can finalize the sale with their knowledge.

4. Maximize The Law of Averages

When selling retail, use the law of averages to your advantage. If you recommend only one product to a client, they may easily decline. However, if presented with three options, clients are more likely to commit to at least one.

5. Nurture the Buying Journey with Samples

Is a client not ready to purchase an item? Offer samples of products to clients if they are not ready to commit to a new regiment. This is a great way to have clients experience the products while at home. Simply add a barcode to the sample and scan it out at check out. This will be the service providers conversation starter on their next visit, and clients will be more inclined to purchase the product they tried.

Your New Retail Regimen

Incorporating your products into your business culture will help your clients feel less like they are being sold to, and more like they are being taken care of by your team. Want to learn even more ways to incorporate retail into your business culture and keep moving products off your shelves? Download our guide for the ultimate revenue-boosting retail regimen.

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