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4 Reasons Your Salon or Spa Should Offer Online Booking

December 01, 2022

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As the beauty industry continues to evolve with new technology, features like Online Booking have become the preferred way to make appointments, especially among Millennials and Gen Z. By offering Online Booking to your clients through your salon or spa software, you can meet their expectations from their first interaction with your business.

Here Are 4 Reasons Your Salon or Spa Should Offer Online Booking:


1) Clients Can Book Their Services Anytime, Anywhere

Sometimes a client can remember they need an appointment at the most inconvenient times, like being in a quiet office, or when they’re up at 1 a.m. and can’t sleep! The ability to schedule appointments from anywhere, with their cell phone, tablet, or computer makes for a convenient experience they’ll want to revisit.

Plus, social anxiety is real, and making a phone call can be scary! Easing that pressure by offering online booking makes any business more welcoming!


2) Collect Client Data For Easy Communications and Marketing

Obtaining client data upfront can help salons and spas in many ways, especially around client marketing and appointment confirmation communications Leverage the data you collect during online booking to add them to targeted marketing campaigns about special promotions and upcoming events to drive future bookings.

Meevo can even be set up to include digital intake forms and service-related documents so the guest doesn’t have to do it when they arrive for their service!


3) Store Credit Card Information To Make All Processes Seamless

Client email and phone numbers aren’t the only important information you can collect through online booking—you can prompt them to add a credit card at the time of booking, too! With Meevo’s integrated payments, salons and spas can adjust settings to collect credit card information and then securely store this data on file, which allows you to enforce your no-show policy! No more no-shows means happier employees!

Storing credit card information also allows clients to utilize Meevo’s Self-Pay capability so they can have a quick, secure check-out right from their chair!


4) Increase Booking Efficiency & Drive Revenue with an Automated Wait List

Through online booking, clients can add themselves to your salon or spa’s Wait List. An automated Wait List helps your business book new appointments when cancellations occur or schedule changes are made, so your appointment book is always full and you avoid any potential lost revenue!

Meevo scans your appointment book every 5-minutes for openings or schedule shifts, then automatically texts Wait List clients to fill those slots. It will even update your book accordingly once an appointment is confirmed.


Online booking is a game-changer for salon and spa businesses, and it’s here to stay! By catering to your guests’ preferences, you’ll improve the customer experience and boost client retention at the same time!


Want to learn more about all the ways Meevo spa and salon software can support your beauty business? Watch this 6-minute demo!


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