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30 Spa Promotion Ideas to Boost Bookings & Brand Awareness

March 13, 2022

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With so much competition in the beauty and wellness industry, we want you to stand out from the crowd with these spa promotion ideas. From learning how to smartly leverage your spa software to redefining your overall spa marketing strategies, you’ll be able to take your marketing game to a whole new level, increasing your brand awareness and making a greater impact on both new and existing clientele.

Here Are 30 Spa Promotion Ideas to Boost Bookings & Elevate Your Business:

1. Advertise in the spa- From the reception area to the changing and relaxation rooms, tasteful and well-placed signs can promote different products and services to educate clients and promote sales without disrupting the flow of their experience.


2. Create attractive retail walls by checkout- Make your retail a visually appealing extension of their experience by selling the lotions, oils, and other products that they used and loved during their services to, “take a piece of luxury home with them.”


3. Offer samples of products in the reception area- Sample your salt scrubs and scented soaps in the lounge rooms that guests use while they wait for their services. This not only improves your customer experience, but it also boosts revenue.


4. Offer add-ons during treatment- Train your staff to offer upgrades to a client’s treatment like adding hot stones to a massage or scented wraps during a facial to market your upsells and upgrades.


5. Advertise bundle sales- Bundling services is one of the simplest yet effective spa promotion ideas you should try. Advertising retail bundle sales you have through email can make gift-giving easier which is appealing to shoppers, especially during holidays and popular gift-giving seasons.


6. Create membership packages- Offering spa membership packages that give frequent clients a slight discount when they commit to a longer-term plan helps you meet your KPIs, contribute to a steady source of monthly revenue while improving your client relationships.


7. Assess your competitive landscape- In order to create powerful spa promotion ideas, you need to understand the competitive landscape of what other spas around you are doing and what they’re offering to capitalize on the gap in the market.


8. Know your software- Get to know your spa software to see what kinds of tools and spa software features are offered and streamlined through your platform. Built-in marketing integrations and useful insights into your buyers will help take your strategy to the next level.


9. Utilize email marketing- Create advanced spa email marketing campaigns to update your clients on special promotions. Be sure to include salon updates or simple hair tips to add value.


10. Install a pixel on your website- Installing a pixel might be one of the more advanced spa promotion ideas so make sure you know what you’re doing or rely on someone with experience. A pixel is essentially a digital tracking device installed on the backend of your website that allows you to track the traffic to your site and use that information for advertisements later.


11. Facebook ads are your friend- Create Meta ads to target your ideal audience based on their online behavior! For more information on how to take on Facebook ads as a beginner, click here.


12. Host social competitions- Host giveaways and competitions on social media that require your clients to follow you, tag their friends, and share your post. Spa promotion ideas like this add a fun element to your marketing strategy and also help boost engagement with your audience!


13. Offer referral programs and promotions- Pushing out promotions with the incentive to refer new clients to your spa is a surefire way to generate some buzz around your business.


14. Run semi-annual sales- Much like people run to Bath and Body Works for their semi-annual sale, nothing drives clients to buy more than a well-timed discount.


15. Get festive- Whether it’s a widely recognized holiday or something smaller like National Self-Care Day, use both formal and informal celebrations to your marketing advantage! Download our 2020 Marketing Calendar for all of your holiday planning!


16. Create challenges- Much like how Starbucks incentivizes its customers to order specific drinks and products from their menu for a boost of bonus reward points, create “challenges” that pull your clients outside of their normal routine to try new products and services.


17. Run punch card promotions- Visit X number of times and receive X. It’s the oldest marketing trick in the book that is sure to help your frequency of visit as well as boost your repeat client retention.


18. Discover your niche- Understand what you do differently that no other spas in your area do and market that. Nobody does you better than you do!
19. Advertise your services, not just your business- Don’t forget to show off and feature exactly what you have to offer clients! Call out different services you offer with attractive photos and deals to match.


20. Get featured- Whether it’s in a magazine, or on a popular social media account, getting your name out to the public will always help!


21. Recruit brand ambassadors- Identify popular micro-influencers local to your area and create a partnership where you offer them a discount on select services if they talk about their great experiences at your business. It’s a win-win!


22. Sponsor an event- Sponsor an event or attend with a booth to get the word out to potential new clients.


23. Host an event- To lean all of the benefits of hosting an event at your spa, check out our whitepaper here.


24. Train your staff- Train your staff on how to best market themselves through social media as well as your business. Being able to tactfully speak about your brand and services will help your overall sales.


25. Update your third-party pages- Make sure your information is up to date on third-party review sites like Google and Yelp so that you’re not missing out on any potential new clients.


26. Attend networking events- Get connected with like-minded individuals, educators, and peers to share your best business-boosting and marketing ideas! Staying on top of the market trends for both clients and businesses is critical!


27. Send appointment confirmations- Sending appointment confirmations ensures that you’re leaving less empty spaces in your appointment book.


28. Send thank-you e-mails- A little thought can go a long way! Don’t forget to thank your guests for their loyalty. This communication also gives you the opportunity to ask clients to review their services which is great for marketing!


29. Last-minute appointments- Is your Appointment Book not completely full? Companies like Reach by Octopi fill in the gaps by sending out e-mails for discounted appointments. (Coming soon to Meevo 2.)


30. Automated scheduling reminders- Is your client due back in to book their next color treatment after 5 weeks? Send them a reminder. What about clients who haven’t been in to your salons in 3 months? Send them a ‘we miss you’ incentive.

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