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6 Email Marketing Metrics Salons & Spas Should Track in 2022

July 13, 2022

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Email is just one of the many ways to grow your business, drive sales, and build stronger relationships with current and potential clients. But how do you know which email marketing metrics you should pay attention to in order to maximize your salon or spa marketing campaigns?

Before diving into the details, your business should first clarify what you are trying to accomplish with email marketing, whether that’s attracting new clients, selling your products, or simply letting your clients know your updated business hours. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro with the help of Meevo’s salon software tools that enable you to automate your email campaigns!

Without further ado, here are the top email marketing metrics to keep an eye on:

1.) Open Rate

  • Open Rate is the percentage of people who opened your email. High Open Rate = Engaged audience
  • Our partner Emma recommends aiming for an open rate between 15% to 25%
  • Average Open Rate that salons, spas, and barbers often see: 13% to 14%
  • If you aren’t satisfied with your Open Rate:
    • Write more compelling subject lines to entice your customers to want to open the email.
    • Keep your emails short with a clear call-to-action (CTA)
    • Avoid over-emailing. Create segmented customer lists within your spa or salon software so you’re reaching the right audience.
    • Try A/B testing your email (subject lines, email body copy, images, and CTAs) to see which are more effective, or which aren’t catching the eyes of your recipients.

2.) Clickthrough Rate

  • Clickthrough Rate is the percentage of email recipients who clicked on the links included in your email.
  • Measures the overall effectiveness of your email content
  • An average Clickthrough Rate for the salon and spa industry can range from 4% to 6%.
  • Ways to boost your Clickthrough Rate:
    • Test out different CTAs with A/B testing.
    • Test different content types for your recipients to click on during email campaigns. Example: Email A can link to a YouTube video, and Email B can link to your website’s retail product section.

3.) Bounce Rate

  • Bounce Rate is the percentage of your total emails sent that could not be successfully delivered to your recipient’s inbox.
  • Use this metric to clean up your email list so you can determine which email addresses are either invalid, closed, or nonexistent.
  • Average Bounce Rate: 13 to 15%
  • Bounce Rate Goal for Salons and Spas: under 2%

4.) Conversion Rate

  • Conversion rate is one of the most important email marketing metrics to pay attention to as it lets you know what percentage of recipients actually took action, whether that’s purchasing a product or booking an appointment.
  • How to calculate email conversion rates: Divide the number of conversions (subscribers who took the desired action) by the number of emails delivered and multiply by 100. Example: 16 conversions ÷ 1,200 emails delivered x 100 = 1.3% conversion rate.
  • Tip: If you are consistently seeing a poor conversion rate, you may want to reevaluate your content strategy, segments, and how emails are displayed on mobile devices. Over 50% of emails are viewed on a smartphone and if they’re not mobile-responsive, you could miss out on reaching half of your audience.
    • Try A/B testing your email subject lines, design, and send times.
    • Switch up your content topics to find out what your subscribers are interested in.
    • Use personalized CTA’s to spark attention. Example: Get the haircut that makes your curls bounce or Yes, I want long lashes now!

5.) Forwarding Rate

  • Forwarding Rate tracks the number of email recipients who either clicked on a “Share” or “Forward” button.
  • High forwarding rates can lead to new contacts in your email list which could in turn lead to new customers!
  • Tip: If you are getting new people to join your email list, you may want to send out a custom email welcoming them to your list. You can even send them a special offer on their first service just for joining!

6.) Unsubscribe Rate

  • Tracking your Unsubscribe Rate can help you provide the right value to the right people and minimize email fatigue. We all understand the frustration of receiving too many emails!
  • Unsubscribe Rate can help you determine which content works well, and which content led to more unsubscribes. You may want to avoid resending content like that in the future!
  • Average Unsubscribe Rate for the beauty industry: about 0.20%
  • Tip: If your email marketing metrics reveal an increase unsubscribe rates, it may be time to adjust your strategy. Example: Send emails less frequently or avoid sending on certain days.

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