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The Meevo 2 cloud-based platform delivers everything you need to run and grow your business.

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With a 30-year track record developing innovative solutions tailored to the beauty and wellness industry, Millennium Systems International knows a thing or two about what the industry needs. Meet Meevo 2.

Created from decades of industry intel and client feedback, Meevo 2 is designed to help salon and spa owners like you manage all facets of their business, like setting goals and surpassing them. Our cloud-based software boasts intuitive features, smart marketing capabilities and mobile-friendly access for an overall competitive edge. Plus, the transition to Meevo 2 is seamless with dedicated team members providing support every step of the way.

“The biggest benefit of all is being able to look at your day, your reports, or anything you want from anywhere. In the short time I’ve had Meevo 2, I’m more connected to my business because it’s in front of me all the time. I can watch the growth of my team, I can look and their numbers, and I can coach them.”

— Matt Beck, Owner, Salon Gratitude

“Because it's a cloud-based software, the ability to access the program from any smart device is huge. We can walk around the salon with the appointment book in hand. There are many possibilities with accessibility to help better our guest experience.”

— Sherry Kamages, Manager, Cooper Alley

“I love the Goals. We want to adjust goals not only for the company, but for each department and each individual staff member. We are building an incentive package on bonuses according to what their goal sets are. So this to me, the goal dashboard in Meevo 2 is a vital importance to our program.”

— Carol Parker, Owner, Sea Grass Therapies

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