How To Brand Your Salon to Drive Growth and Revenue

How To Brand Your Salon to Drive Growth and Revenue

April 13, 2021  /  By Jason Everett

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Would you like to brand your salon as the go-to salon in your city or town? Well, I'm going to show you how to, right now!

What do Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Subway, McDonald's, Chipotle, and even Tiffany's all have in common? Well, they're all large brands that you've probably heard of before, and they've made an impression in your mind or branded themselves on your mind. So when I mentioned McDonald's, you immediately had their branding or image of their business pop right into your brain, meaning that brand has left a lasting impression on you.

What's Your Salon's Brand?

As a salon owner, what is the brand of your salon saying? Really think about this just for a second. What if you were to do an exercise with your salon and began the conversation on what your salon branding should look like?

Start coming up with ideas from that thought, for instance, what type of clothing brand would you be? What type of car brand would you be? Are you a Mercedes, a Lexus, a Ferrari, or a Kia?

Every time you think of those types of brands, you get an idea of the customers who shop with that brand. For example, what does a Walmart customer look for? They look for the lowest prices. Versus going into a Tiffany's, they look for an experience, or something luxurious, or something over the top, and you've got to decide, well, where does your salon sit within that brand scale?

Curate Your Brand

So what I'd recommend you do is have a team meeting with your staff and use the downloadable worksheet we created to brainstorm a list of brands that you think are similar to what you want to communicate to your clients, and what that'll help you do is get brand clarity for the whole team. Once you have brand clarity, you should start mapping out what that looks like for you and the salon.

Now, I'm not saying steal things from all these other brands and use them as their own, but use other brands as inspiration for how you want to brand your salon. For example, maybe you want to have the customer service of a Mercedes-Benz dealership and the elegance of a Nordstrom.

The other important thing about knowing what these brands are is you can ask yourself questions like:

"How do they treat their customers? How do they handle returns? How do they handle unhappy guests"?

Then, take that example and use it for how your salon actually runs its customer service and your customer interactions.

So do me a favor, download our worksheet, plan a team meeting so you all can brainstorm these ideas together. Not only will you be able to grow your salon by marketing it more appropriately, but you'll also train your staff at the same time about how they can work with their clients by bringing awareness to how they like to be taken care of as a customer.

Until next time, have a great week!

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About Our Guest Contributor

Jason Everett, High Performance Salon

Jason’s infectious high energy and drive to make everyone he meets the best possible version of themselves, has landed him on center stage in the Salon Edu-tainment scene. Jason is one of the founders of the High Performance Salon Academy which specializes in taking salons that are already successful and cranking up their success to an 11! Their non-traditional and unconventional approach to learning uses the latest in technology and social media strategies to quickly train and equip the most attention-strained owners, leaders and service providers on how to rapidly implement what they learn.


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