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Welcome to Meevo 2's all-in-one hub that connects your whole enterprise: Central Office. Seamlessly cut back on data entry, monitor multiple locations, and collect real-time data— leaving you more time to focus on the big picture.

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Two ladies login at different locations NY and CA with Meevo 2

Streamline Data Set-Up

Have multiple locations that carry the same products or services? No problem. Save time by setting up service, products and security in Central Office. You can customize which data elements each location receives and even grant access to edit by location. All in one place.

Global Smart Center

Screen-hopping is a waste of time—that's why Central Office gets its very own Smart Center with a multi-location view. Customize this dashboard with tiles that help you keep track of business as a whole, all on one screen.

Meevo 2 Central Office Smart Center Dashboards: New Jersey, New York, California
Meevo 2 updates bulk pricing across multiple locations

Update Market Prices

Managers can collectively update Market Pricing in bulk across multiple locations—everything from discounts, to services, memberships, products and more—all at once.

Calculate Success Globally

Collect multi-location analytics in one place—it's far more efficient than running separate reports for each salon or spa. Define a set of locations by region or business type within Central Office - making it easier for Global Employees to stay on top of the locations they manage. Central Office composites data, giving you a more complete view of key business stats.

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