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Impress your clients time after time by showing them their experience matters. It's all in managing the simplest details: collect data to personalize their visit, merge family accounts for easy booking, and save notes on their profiles for future reference.
(Trust us, they'll be back again.)

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Service provider giving a male client coffee at a salon

The More You Know…

How do you take your coffee? What is your robe size? Within each client's profile, you can customize User Defined Fields and collect information that will make their salon or spa experience exceptional every time.

Form A Family

For clients living under one roof, you can link their profiles and create a client family. The designated Head of Household on the account is able to schedule their minors' appointments via Online Booking—and pay all together at checkout.

Family: Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother
Meevo Client Notes

Take Note

You can jot down anything in Client Notes, from their service preferences to conversation bites. What client wouldn't be impressed that you remembered her daughter's wedding and how she wears her bangs from her last visit?

Intelli-Merge Multiples

As your business grows, Meevo's Intelli-Merge is smart enough to recognize duplicate profiles across the system. It prompts you to merge them into one, eliminating "junk data" and confusion.

Multiple Headshots
One client has access to multiple locations

Access From Multiple Locations

Every client is now a global client. Pull up their history and notes from any appointment location; any front desk. The client’s information is always up to date and accessible for convenient booking and checkout.

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