Set Your Employees Up For Success

Meevo 2's easy-access employee management features pay off for everyone. Our spa and salon management software simplifies scheduling, punching in and helps you plan for promotions, incentivizing your employees to do great things for your business.

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Meevo 2 Time Clock in a tablet

On The Clock

Easily accessible from the Convobar®, Meevo 2's sleekly designed Time Clock prompts employees with a welcome message to clock in and out, record work activities, breaks and more.

Easy Scheduling

Owners save time with Meevo 2's Scheduling Manager. View the calendar week ahead and schedule your employees' hours and vacations with a simple click, copy and paste. (Editing schedules is just as straightforward.)

Meevo 2 Scheduling Manager in a tablet

Plan For Promotions

Set-up and schedule certain employees to receive promotions ahead of time. Meevo 2 lets you plan out a price and pay increase, see it reflected in the scope of business, then automatically activate the new Employee Template on an upcoming date.

Global Management

Even multiple-location employees only need one Meevo 2 profile. Our software makes it easy to share staff profiles globally and streamline their login process with one user name and password across all your salons or spas.

Meevo 2 globally manages employees

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