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Appointment Book

Smart spa appointment book that will alert the front desk when there is an opportunity to increase revenue.


Split-line commissions, secure credit card processing, transactions on hold, and more.


Automatic purchase orders that are sent right to the distributor.


Millennium reporting will guide and teach you important ways to grow your business.


Helping Spas Grow For Over 25 Years

Client Loyalty

Encourage clients to be more loyal with points and rewards, which will increase the growth for your spa business.

Yield Management

Offer price advantages on future bookings during slow or busy times by creating a strategic pricing schedule.

Resource Management

Take control of your spa. Increase revenue by maximizing the availability of your room and equipment.

People's Choice Awards



“I love Millennium Software because I literally taught myself. I literally went to the computer and everything was right there. I also love that I can go into product history and see what products our clients have purchased! Every assistant should be trained on Millennium Software.”
- Angelina Gerardi, Salon Assistant of Warren-Tricomi

“Customer service is first and foremost and the team at Millennium is always very responsive to your needs. They are always there to answer any questions or issues in a timely and efficient manner.”
- Justin DePasquale, Salon Owner of DePasquale The Spa

Pricing Plans

For 1-5 Service Providers

$69/ MO

(Plus a $99 one-time setup fee.)

For 6+ Service Providers

$99/ MO

(Plus a $99 one-time setup fee.)



iPad App

The official MillenniumGO iPad app will provide Millennium on the GO. Visit the Apple app store from your iPad and download.

Automated Marketing

Mass emailing is an idea of the past. The Millennium email marketing tool allows you to drill down and segment your clients. Who hasn’t been in that is due for an appointment? Set up automatic targeted email campaigns to that segment. We miss you! Get them coming back to your salon. This is just one of many ways to get clients back and buying more retail & services.

Text Confirmation

Confirm client appointments and send appointment reminders via text message notifications.

For the Multi-Location Spa & Salon

Central Office

Real-time data across all your locations. Seamlessly connect, monitor and send/receive data in real time without having to rely on 24/7 Internet access.

Membership Billing

Offering memberships? Automatic ACH/credit card payments are processed right through our Membership Billing feature. It even automatically updates expired credit card information for you.

Call Center Booking

Do you have a call center to handle booking across multiple locations? With Millennium Call Center Booking, we can centralize your clients’ appointments through a single location. Calls will go to one phone number and directly to your call center operator(s).


Millennium is Designed to Encourage Growth & Success in Your Spa Every Day

Millennium is built around key growth indicators that are proven to increase revenue. The software will even alert you, daily, so your staff will learn to focus on things like pre-booking, F.O.V. and average ticket. This will promote growth for your staff and your business.


Pre-book and get your clients in more often. The easiest way to grow without spending money is to simply get your loyal clients to come in more frequently.


Increase the average money spent per client. Upsell, cross-sell, recommend other services, and sell retail.


Retain the clients who have already shown loyalty and have been coming in for at least a year or 4 visits, and your productivity will increase greatly over time. Don’t let clients go more than 90 days without being contacted. Pre-book clients so that they are more likely to return.


Once you work so hard to bring in new clients, it is paramount that you improve how well you keep them coming back. Focus on pre-booking on the first visit, welcome emails, gift cards, a free product on the next visit, etc.


You need new clients to make up for the existing clients that you might lose. Client referral programs, word of mouth, and advertising help generate new clients.

Support & Education

Support Team

Our group of industry experts has been dedicated to Millennium Software for many years, so you can guarantee a consistent, high-quality live support experience.

Education Team

We have trained education specialists ready to help you grow and understand how to leverage Millennium to your full potential. They go beyond into strategy and how you can reach all of your business goals.


We have several conversions ready to go so that you can get up and running on Millennium Spa Software with minimal hassle.

The Experience

The exclusive Millennium conference. The magic of this conference is magnified when all like-minded professionals unite to discuss strategy AND use the same tool to measure their business—Millennium.

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See for yourself why 100,000s of users have fallen in love with the Millennium family.

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