Learn 6 Key Growth Indicators For Effective Goal Setting

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Learn 6 Key Growth Indicators For Effective Goal Setting Featured Image

Setting goals and understanding key performance indicators are crucial for overall business development.

To motivate staff, and grow your business, you must go beyond simple revenue goals for your business and employees. Strategic team and individual goals will increase staff engagement, enhance communication, and keep them on track. Learn about the 6 growth indicators, how to build trust with your staff, involve the front desk, and track forward-focused metrics that are proven to help you grow.

John Harms Headshot

Featured Speaker
John Harms,
CEO and Founder of Millennium Systems International

What You'll Learn:

  • The foundation for goal setting
  • How to use the growth indicators effectively to set goals
  • How to set individual employee goals, create an environment of accountability, and follow through
  • How to set team goals in order to bring everyone together
  • How to monitor employee progress and growth

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