Maximizing Holiday Sales At Your Salon or Spa

Watch this free webinar today to be prepared for the holiday season.

Maximizing Holiday Sales At Your Salon or Spa Featured Image

The holidays play a major role in your business's revenue for the year.

Watch webinar host, successful salon/spa owner and Millennium's VP of Enterprise Solutions, Bob Maconi, as he discusses how you can maximize your holiday sales by offering a variety of product and service promotions, capitalizing on online efforts, and using a variety of marketing techniques. You will even learn how to monitor whether your efforts were successful to help you prepare for the following year!

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Featured Speaker
Robert Maconi,
VP of Enterprise Solutions of Millennium Systems International

What You'll Learn:

  • Ways to maximize service sales
  • Ways to maximize product sales
  • Different marketing methods for the holidays
  • Using online options to increase profits
  • How to monitor your promotions

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