Crafting Your Cancellation and No-Show Policy

February 14, 2020

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Nothing feels worse and hurts business quite like a last-minute client cancellation or a client who just doesn’t show up at all. These occurrences take away opportunities for your regular and loyal clients to see their favorite service providers, revenue from your business, and resources that could have been better allocated.


While you can do your best to prevent these issues through your salon software or spa software by setting up automated appointment reminders, there are only so many things you can do.


We created a template so you can build out your own customs policies to protect your business.



The benefits:

Prevent Guilt

While the beauty and wellness business is an incredibly personal and individualized experience, removing the personal nature of more business-focused aspects such as showing up to a scheduled appointment by having set policies in place can prevent future disasters. When clients book any service, there should be a disclaimer reiterating your policy on cancellations and no-shows so that in the event that one of these occurrences is to happen, it’s something they’ve already been prepared for and won’t take personally.


Prevent Systematic Misuse

While there will always be true emergencies that prevent clients from coming into their regular appointment or cause them to cancel within 24 hours, such as a family emergency or transportation incident, word of exceptions to your policy can travel quickly and your lack of consistency will undermine the policy entirely. To prevent the misuse and manipulation of your company’s flexibility, it’s critical to have a written and published policy in place to ensure that you’re protected legally and backed up in the face of online or verbal defamation from an irritated client.



Google review of your salon or spa: “I completely forgot about my son’s baseball game and when I went to cancel my appointment, they still charged me for the services which is ridiculous since I didn’t even go! I’ll never schedule another service with them again!”


Your response: “Hi Karen, we’re very sorry that you had an unpleasant experience with our salon/spa. As can be seen stated on our website upon booking, we do charge a 30% fee for cancellations less than 24 hours before the appointment time. We hope to see you sometime in the future and wish you the best.”


Establish Clear Communication:

Creating clear and easy-to-understand client expectations is the key to client satisfaction in the business. That means it’s critical that they know about the existence of these policies before it ever becomes relevant to them. Consider putting your policies on your website, as a small sign on your front desk, and be open to discussion in terms of questions regarding what is and is not acceptable client behavior. Don’t forget to loop your team into the changes in rules!


If you’re ready to improve your cancellation and no-show policy, download our template now to create your own! Let us know what you think by connecting with us on Instagram and Facebook.

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