A Powerful Growth Platform for your Salon Business

Take the busy work out of salon management with Meevo 2. Our salon software's time-saving features, customized design, client-friendly integrations (and so much more) help you overcome challenges and achieve success.

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Tell Meevo 2 What You Want

Who doesn't love an intelligent voice assistant? Offering voice recognition and natural language understanding, the Convobar® (patent pending) enables you to speak or type your command into the responsive search bar to quickly scan your appointment book, open reports, access your schedules and so much more.

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Smart Center: Create Your Own World

Meevo 2's Smart Center is a completely customizable dashboard hub within the software. Design your space to fit your creative style and keep up with real-time data that's specific to each role at your business. Now you can visualize everything important to your salon business in one place.

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Say Hello To Efficient Booking

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Appointment Book

Meevo 2's appointment booking software is the smartest in the salon industry, yet so easy to use.

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Online Booking

Our fully integrated Online Booking allows clients to schedule appointments around the clock.

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Unlock ways to automate your front desk's busy work—no more call-back confirmations by phone.

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Membership Options, Your Way

Offering salon memberships is a surefire way to increase client retention. With Meevo 2's advanced configuration powers, you can effortlessly set-up and manage packages of all kinds, including family sharing, swap and split options, freezing abilities and more.

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Take control over your day-to-day operation

Manage Employee

Managing Employees

Salon management software simplifies scheduling, punching in and incentivizes your employees.

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Meevo 2's inventory software brilliantly takes on every task for you and keeps things tidy.

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Define limited security roles and grant access only where needed—adjusting settings at any time.

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The Register That Does It All

Meevo 2's fully-functioning mobile Register allows you to seamlessly pay from a touch-screen device (and free up the front desk). Your clients are there to relax, so bring the checkout process directly to their chair. The mobile Register cleverly applies discounts, itemizes receipts, redeems gift cards and packages, recalls client history, utilizes split-pay, and so much more. It's a pleasure doing business, for everyone.

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Multitask Like A Pro

Meevo 2 is designed to help you juggle your long to-do list. Need to switch gears quickly? Simply toggle between tasks and work on multiple pages. When you're ready, you can pick up right where you left off without losing data.

Meevo 2 toggling between Smart Center, Reports, Register and Appointment Book pages
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“I already feel in the short time I've had Meevo 2 that I'm more connected to my business because it's in front of me at all times. If you're like me and like to be that connected and watch your numbers, Meevo 2 is the perfect solution for that.”

— Matt Beck,
Owner, Salon Gratitude

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