Committed to Security and Data Protection

Best-in-Class Security

Best-in-Class Security and Infrastructure

Millennium Systems International provides our clients with the most secure solutions to ensure data integrity and safety. Our products meet all industry compliance standards, including being 100% HIPAA compliant.

Our cloud-based software platform, Meevo, uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the top global cloud hosting providers, as the core of the solution.

MSI leverages Amazon's platform to deliver our industry-leading secure and scalable cloud SaaS solution, which is fully redundant.

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Our Commitment to Continuous Security


PCI Out-Of-Scope

Meevo is PCI out-of-scope for greater data security, where no credit card information is ever seen by our solution.

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Continuous Monitoring

Our server designs are based on AWS best practices and are continuously monitored by tools including Amazon CloudWatch, SentryOne, and Stackify (APM).


Infrastructure Disaster Recovery

On-demand resource scaling for all compute, storage, and data needs. Security and compliance programs provide the benefits of high availability and redundancy for Meevo.

Cloud Security

Advanced Cloud Security

MSI uses Trend Micro Cloud Security suite is to assist with anti-malware, intrusion prevention, host firewall, integrity monitoring, log inspection, and more.


2-Phase Authentication

2-phase authentication access is required to get into the environment, and subnets are all locked down by default.



Meevo is a 100% HIPAA compliant platform and every Millennium Systems International employee conducts HIPAA training for company-wide compliance.

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System Vulnerabilities

Please help us by submitting an anonymous report to our Meevo IT team so we can investigate and provide a fix as quickly as possible.

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Ethics & Compliance Issues

It’s everyone’s responsibility to report ethics or compliance concerns. Please address your issues via email or call 24/7 hotline .

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