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Trending Now: The Desk-Less Front Desk

November 17, 2017

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One of the trends gaining traction in our industry is the “desk-less” front desk. We’ve noticed a lot of negativity surrounding this topic due to the assumption that going front desk-less means getting rid of your front desk team altogether. However, this idea isn’t meant to be taken literally! There there are a lot of benefits to removing the physical desk and allowing your team to be a more mobile and accessible asset to your business.

Going Mobile

We’ve seen this trend often in stores such as Apple, Verizon, Samsung, etc. As soon as you step foot through the door, you are instantly greeted and have your needs addressed. Your information is almost always inputted into a mobile device to check you in or put you on a waiting list to be assisted. The removal of a physical front desk creates more opportunities for your Front Desk Professionals to engage with your clients. As a result of this new setup, the customer service experience is transformed into a more intimate and personally-tailored interaction.

In order to be truly “desk-less,” your front desk will require software that supports mobile check-in and mobile ring ups. Pre-booking the next appointment at the chair can significantly increase frequency of visit, so salons may want to explore chair-side check-out using phones and iPads as well. At Millennium, we’ve been keeping a close watch on these industry mobile trends and have designed Meevo 2.0 with automated check-in, desk-less front desk and chair-side check-out in mind.

How the New Set-Up Affects Your KPIs

Renovating the client experience can have an enormous impact on client retention, frequency of visit, average ticket, and ultimately, your bottom line. Without the front desk as a barrier, the client is immersed in your brand the second they walk through the door. This gives your team the opportunity to seamlessly start talking retail, add-ons and much more.

Furthermore, enhancing the customer experience by leveraging the front desk as a customer service superhero allows your salon or spa to compete with retail giants like Amazon. With such a huge market share, many salons and spas are worried about the detrimental effects on retail sales. Removing the barrier of the desk allows your team to deliver the customer experience of your clients’ dreams, which is something Amazon can’t do.

Removing the physical front desk, removes conversation barriers and allows your team to pro-actively implement your growth strategies. Now that your front desk and your guests are sharing the same space, there are more opportunities to provide outstanding customer service that will strengthen relationships and build a loyal clientele.

New Opportunities for Your Team

Removing the restrictions of a physical front desk also creates a new career path for your front desk professionals. With more responsibilities to maintain your redesigned client experience, your team is no longer just a stationary “call center.” Your front desk now has the chance to become a “Guest Services Coordinator” or a “Guest Services Manager” who ensures the success of your new space. Studies show that employees who are provided a path to grow with a company are more likely to go above and beyond.

Going front-desk less can have several benefits for your business environment as well as your bottom line. In a mobile-minded world, your clients already expect a more personalized experience. Removing the physical barrier and allowing your Front Desk team to share the same space as clients, improves customer service and provides your team the platform to grow.

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