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Supercharge Meevo 2 with powerful business boosters and third-party partner integrations—all accessible in the Meevo Store. Choose your favorites, then take your management, marketing and client service to the next level.

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Business Boosters

Online Booking

Give your clients the added convenience of booking an appointment 24/7 and free-up time at the front desk. This complimentary online booking platform is intuitive, user-friendly, and integrated into every aspect of Meevo 2.

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Walk-In Manager

Let Meevo 2 effortlessly handle your client walk-in experience with the integrated Walk-In Manager. Satisfy the in-person or online client with a kiosk and online waitlist to help you keep your queue organized.

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Increase revenue and build client loyalty with eGift. Perfect for gift-giving, this quick and simple way to offer online gift certificates integrates with your Meevo 2 software to allow for seamless and fast transactions.

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Docs & Forms

Create customizable and mobile-friendly service-related forms such as medical forms, lash consent forms, waxing forms, waivers, and more. This integration automates, populates, and saves important documents for each client within Meevo 2.

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Client Intake Forms

Use this paperless solution to easily collect basic information from clients that automatically syncs with Meevo 2 including first and last name, email address, phone number, preferred services, and much more.

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Self Check-in Kiosk

Let customers check themselves in for appointments with Meevo 2's Self Check-In Kiosk, creating a Deskless Front Desk that allows Service Providers to focus on their customers, retail sales, and rebooking enabling a contactless experience.

Call Center Manager

Simplify how you manage complex bookings with the increased flexibility and control offered by Call Center Manager. Worry less about booking and let Meevo 2's powerful Scan for Opening engine do the hard work for you.

Students & Teachers

Schools can enjoy the added convenience of tracking students and teachers separately from employees in Meevo 2. Students and teachers each receive unique profiles, so they can easily keep track of student service time, and run reports dedicated to their programs.

Paging System

Stay up-to-date on in-house communication and keep track of your appointments without interrupting clients. The JTECH paging system syncs directly to the Meevo 2 Appointment Book.

Partner Integrations

Text messaging

Improve customer service and satisfaction and let clients text your business with Textel. Send and receive client and employee text messages in Meevo 2, using your business phone number.

Blast Texting

Textel Blast lets you quickly send mass messages to guests and employees. Send personalized promotions, offers, and news about your business. Import lists instantly with Meevo 2 client import.

E-Mail Marketing

Become an email marketing rock star with Emma's advanced email marketing tools. Connect your data, build your audience, and create your most successful marketing campaigns ever.

Custom Mobile App

Fuel your marketing, client retention, FOV, and so much more with the Salon Clouds Plus mobile app. Help your clients discover everything that's important about your salon or spa right at their fingertips.

Account Management

Import your data from Meevo 2 into QuickBooks Online saving you and your accountant both time and money. You must have a QuickBooks account for this integration to work.

Recovery Agency

Track EFT Recovery and implement early efforts to prevent delinquency. Transworld Systems provides better tools for accounts receivable, debt recovery, and past due accounts to increase cash flow.

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