Contactless - Safety For Clients and Staff

With Meevo 2, your business can offer clients and staff a near contactless experience when visiting your salon or spa. Online booking, stored payment methods, contactless check-in, chairside check out - these are just a few of the ways to ensure everyone's safety while enhancing the customer experience.

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Online Booking

When salons and spas reopen, clients and staff will have different expectations for their in-store experience. Let your customers to book services online from their home and prompt them for credit card and email information, allowing for a touch-free check out later. Clients will also receive an automated booking confirmation via email or text.

Contactless Check-In

Avoid having multiple customers and employees in the front of your salon or spa with a contactless check-in process. Clients can digitally complete documents and forms prior to their visit and use the geo check-in feature to automatically notify your staff upon their arrival. Staff can then text their clients when it's time to come into your salon or spa, keeping wait areas empty and minimizing guest interactions prior to their appointments.

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Deliver a Chairside Check Out

Meevo 2's enhanced mobility means your staff can use their tablet or mobile phone to create a chairside check out for clients. Employees can add services and products, book future appointments, and save preferences for a guest right from their chair or treatment room - keeping your staff from contacting common surfaces such as a front desk computer.

No More Physical Credit Cards

Store client payment methods to save time at check out and automate future payments right inside the Meevo 2 POS system, offering your clients and staff a safe, convenient way to interact with your salon or spa. And with Meevo 2 Self-Pay, provide clients and staff with a touch-free payment option that can be completed right on their mobile devices.

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