Spa & Salon Software Customized For Your World

Personalize your Smart Center to fit your creative style and your brand. Design dashboards based on roles and let your employees see important KPIs.

A Smart Appointment Book Made for Spa & Salon Professionals

Did we also mention it's beautiful? Save time when scheduling appointments, re-schedule with drag and drop, automatically apply no-show fees, confirm appointments automatically through text or email, easily train employees and so much more.

Meevo Appointment Book

Tell Meevo 2 What You Want

Simplify front desk operations and give your staff more time to take care of clients. The Convobar® is a revolutionary way to look at the appointment book. Type or speak in dates, service providers, clients, and more to instantly find what you need.

Memberships Any Way You Want Them

The possibilities are endless with Meevo 2's advanced membership tools. Effortlessly set-up and manage your memberships, include family sharing, swap and split services in the register, and configure multiple freeze options.

Meevo Memberships

Effortlessly Manage Resources...Even for Couples Massages

Coordinate your resources and equipment to easily schedule couples massages and other services with more than one client. Meevo takes resource managment to another level. Divide rooms with partitions for multiple appointments, set maximum capacity per resource, or maximize your space with automatically rotating resources.

The Register That Has It All

Check out clients faster than ever with the touch screen-enabled register. Automatically apply discounts and promotions with the itemized smart receipt, find in-depth client history, redeem gift cards or packages, and swap and split services on the fly all without leaving the register.

Meevo Register

Why use an app? Designed for Every Device

Meevo 2 was designed for all devices and all salon sizes. Scale your daily operations down from desktop to smart phone. Book from behind the chair. Ring up from your retail bar. Your world in one place. No app necessary.

The Industry's Smartest Wait List

Free up your phones and remove some of the workload from your Front Desk. Meevo 2 sends notifications to wait list clients and automatically books the clients based on their confirmation response.

Inventory Management with Mobile in Mind

Count inventory via mobile device from the color bar, order products on-the-go, assign products by floor location and track usage with Meevo 2's innovative inventory management tools.

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