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Simply and easily integrate Millennium with your FAME/Freedom interface. Export your students' grades, time-clock information, import student information, and view hours remaining in the curriculum.

Growth Indicators

These indicators are the foundation for the success of your students and your school. Millennium is built around these indicators through reporting, on-screen visuals within the appointment book and register, and also within its goal-setting module.


Give your students an edge. Millennium will provide your students with the tools they need to be savvy, business-minded beauty professionals that salon owners love to hire.


Easily access vital reports right at your fingertips. Pre-schedule and run reports at the click of your mouse. Automatically get the key reports sent to your phone or access on any web browser. Industry leading reports and graphs can be accessed to tell you everything you need to know about managing your students and your school.

Fingerprint Readers

Increases the accuracy of your students' identities, records and attendance information with a touch of a finger! Never worry about a student punching in for a friend that may be late or absent.

Payment Plans

Don’t have student information systems to track student tuitions? Its ok, offer your students the convenience and options they deserve with Millennium. Easily Track student payments and set up payment plans.


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Leverages Millennium

People's Choice Awards

Graduate Better Prepared Stylists by Providing Them with Real Life Experiences.

24/7 Online Booking

Your clients can easily book their appointments right from your website 24/7.

Automated Emails

Mass emailing is an idea of the past. The Millennium email marketing tool allows you to drill down and segment your clients. Who hasn’t been in that is due for an appointment? Set up automatic targeted email campaigns to that segment. We miss you! Get them coming back to your salon. This is just one of many ways to get clients back and buying more retail & services.

Text Confirmation

Confirm client appointments and send appointment reminders via text message notifications.


One Stop Shop

Let Millennium be your one stop shop. We will recommend hardware that works best with our system.

Computer Systems

Purchase your computer system through us and Millennium will be installed and configured when it arrives at your business.

Auto-Page System

Alert your staff with the most up-to-date status on their appointments with an internal paging system.

Bar Code Scanners

Speed up and simplify the check-out process with a bar code scanner.

Cash Drawers

Integrate Millennium software with cash drawers for secure and reliable transactions.

Credit Card Reader/Swiper

Seamlessly process credit/debit cards through Millennium with safe and secure transactions.

Receipt Printers

Reinforce your brand and print customized messages with receipt printers.

Price Display

Provide your customers clear, easy-to-read information at the register with the fastest data transfer rate available.

Privately Hosted with the Benefits of Cloud

Milliennium is the Best of Both Worlds - Privately Hosted & Cloud Accessible

Many people take a stance on cloud vs. privately hosted. Well, we love both, and after 25+ years in the beauty industry, we have made decisions based on what we feel is best for our clients.


What Do Our Customers Have to Say?

Paul Mitchell School – Miami, FL

“Millennium for Paul Mitchell School – Miami, is vital for my entire team and to each of our guests that we come in contact with! I use it to guide my business, our staff, our students and to track everyone’s growth. Millennium allows us to stay connected with our guests and by understanding their history of services. Millennium empowers our students by giving them invaluable business knowledge and the tools they need to be successful.”

Pricing Plan

Millennium Education Edition

$199/ MO

(Plus a $99 one-time setup fee.)


Support & Education

Support Team

Our group of industry experts has been dedicated to Millennium Software for many years, so you can guarantee a consistent, high-quality live support experience.

Education Team

We have trained education specialists ready to help you grow and understand how to leverage Millennium to your full potential. They go beyond into strategy and how you can reach all of your business goals.


We have several conversions ready to go so that you can get up and running on Millennium Salon Software with minimal hassle.

The Experience

The exclusive Millennium conference. The magic of this conference is magnified when all like-minded professionals unite to discuss strategy AND use the same tool to measure their business—Millennium.

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See for yourself why 100,000s of users have fallen in love with the Millennium family.

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