Educational Training

The Millennium Academy

Provide your team with the resources they need to go above and beyond their position with our intuitive learning platform, Millennium Academy.



Learn to navigate Meevo's functionality and features before going live.

Training New Hires

Training New Hires

Effortlessly train new team members and get them up-to-speed with Meevo.

Continued Education

Continued Education

Take advantage for continued education as your team grows their skillset.

Access to Education 24/7

Education is always right at your fingertips. Log in to Millennium Academy at work, at home or on-the-go directly from Meevo to access your personalized learning experience.

Millennium Academy on a tablet

Role-Based Learning

Help your team capitalize on Meevo and master the features that will help them excel in their role. Assign each employee an Owner, Manager, Front Desk, or Service Provider learning path within your software to access training and resources specific to their responsibilities at your business.

Meevo Learning That's Simply Better

Academy Training Videos

Training Videos

Watch short videos and follow along with downloadable training guides to help navigate your software. Learn industry best practices and how Meevo can maximize your day-to-day processes.

Academy Self-Check Tests

self-check tests

Take optional tests to assess how well you grasp the concepts in each chapter. These tests are a useful tool to measure your new hires' and team members' abilities to understand and use Meevo.

Academy Resources

Your Resources in One Place

Millennium Academy houses an extensive course library to expand your knowledge on and learn how to use important Meevo add-on features such as Online Booking and software integrations.

Earn Your Meevo Certification

Master Meevo and earn certifications at your own pace. Become certified in Data Setup Part I, Data Setup Part II, Data Setup Part III, Basic Appointment Book, Basic Register, and Inventory.

Millennium Academy Certification

Additional Educational Resources

Get inspired and take your business to the next level with our Meevo Inspo content hub—your digital destination for all things beauty and wellness education delivered through blogs, videos, white papers, templates, and more!

Meevo Inspo